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For an off-grid power source you can depend on, check out the advanced solar generators available from Synergy. We have everything you need to run your own powerful solar generator at home, work or in the great outdoors. So you can use clean, renewable energy whenever you want.

Save Money with Green Electricity

Solar generators can be ideal in many situations. How will you use yours? Here are some ideas...

  • Power heavy-duty appliances and/or other electronic devices every day – fridge, washer, dryer, heater, microwave, TV, laptop, etc.
  • Protect your home or workplace against blackouts – solar generators are excellent back-up/emergency power sources, because they don’t require a mains connection.
  • Take your electricity supply with you when you go off-grid – stay connected and enjoy comforts when camping, caravanning, working or on road trips.

Producing, storing and using green electricity with a solar generator from Synergy helps you to reduce your energy bills and carbon footprint.

Our solar generators are simple to install and use. Plus, you don’t need much space – turn your balcony, for example, into a solar power plant!

Tailored to Your Energy Requirements

Thanks to the extensive range of equipment we supply, you can enjoy a solar generator that matches your power consumption needs.

The key components of solar generators for balconies, motorhomes, campsites and other settings are:

  • Portable solar panels – durable, foldable and weatherproof. They even work on cloudy days. The 400W Solar Panel is great for heavy consumption.
  • Portable power stations – compact, robust and quick to charge using solar energy or other sources. The remarkable Delta Pro Power Station can run over 70% of your home appliances.

Enhance performance and functionality with a solar tracker that continuously identifies the best angle for catching the sun, extra batteries and a home panel connecting your solar generator to your wiring.

Choose Solar Power, Choose Synergy

Ordering Solar PV Battery Storage and generators from us has a number of advantages:

  • Our solar generator products have been hand-picked by our experts, so you can have every confidence in them.
  • Lengthy manufacturer’s warranties are available.
  • UK Nationwide delivery.
  • We also ship internationally.

Questions about solar generators from Synergy? Please contact us for professional, friendly support.