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Solar Area Lights

When you want to ensure that a large outdoor space is brightly lit, you can rely on Synergy solar area lights. Available to customers in the UK and around the world, our high-tech, high-quality solar area lighting uses green, renewable energy to provide powerful, reliable, long-lasting illumination even in poor weather.

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New Arrival Steinel X Series GL-S Silver

Making Large Outdoor Areas Feel Safer

Synergy solar area lights are ideal for gardens, terraces, driveways, pathways, residential and commercial streets, car parks, apartment complexes, gated communities, sports stadiums and many more settings. Our solar area lighting range is designed to make expansive outdoor areas feel safer, more secure and more welcoming after sunset.

The wonderfully versatile Synergy S 23 Solar Light is a case in point. It’s a supremely bright, durable, solar-powered LED floodlight for your chosen landscape; practical, highly effective and simple to install. Plus, it’s attractive, modern appearance means you won’t need to compromise on visual appeal in the pursuit of powerful solar area lighting.

Solar Area Lights for Every Season

Synergy solar area lights benefit from years of solar lighting research and cutting-edge technology, giving them impressive capabilities. They operate for a week or more at full efficiency in cold, dull conditions when fully charged. So they’re suitable for every season.

Fantastic features help our solar lighting products for large outdoor areas perform brilliantly and serve you well for years to come:

  • Fully solar-powered lighting with long-life rechargeable solar batteries
  • Far-reaching brightness up to an incredible 10,000LM
  • Constant or motion-activated illumination
  • Adjustable lighting modes and angles
  • Waterproof and capable of working in extreme temperatures

What’s more, choosing our solar area lights means you can save money on energy bills and protect the environment. No electrician, no wiring work, no mains supply required – and no ongoing energy costs.

Synergy Solar Lights – Lighting the Way

Key reasons to buy from us today:

  • Our advanced solar area lights are designed by experts and built to last.
  • All of our products are supplied with a manufacturer’s warranty, plus an optional extended warranty on commercial lighting.
  • UK delivery is free on orders over £100.
  • We also ship our products internationally.

Questions about Synergy solar area lights? Please contact us for speedy assistance.