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Welcome to Synergy Solar Lights
Having undertaken over 8 years of research into solar lighting and green energy solutions, this has culminated in us producing three core intelligent technologies to support lighting in a cloudy, snowy or rain-affected environment, sophisticated temperature control systems in extremely hot or cold environments.

At Synergy Solar Lights we strive to be the top sustainable solution provider in the field of solar lighting and green energy solutions. We take immense pride in our sustainability achievements and to date we have provided sustainable solar lighting and green energy solutions to a large amount of organisations.

For a long time, we have known that there are better ways to live and those better ways are to live Sustainably.
We have been doing research on Sustainable living for a very long time and how we can work together and contribute to a better way of living and reduce the impact on our environment.

It all started with the amount of resources needed to bring lighting to life in the form of electricity. Our research was not based on just lighting but also on how we can make an ongoing impact on our everyday living with green energy in the long run from cost saving to safety.

Our products are based on quality and not quantity, hence why we are very selective on what we offer to the market.
We are partnership with other organisations to help deliver on what we believe is Sustainable living Environment and Communities.

Together we work as a team and we make a difference.
We are here to deliver that.