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Solar Wall Light

Outdoor solar wall lights by Synergy can be invaluable at all kinds of properties in the UK and abroad. Our external solar wall lighting products are designed to provide powerful, long-lasting illumination you can rely on all year round. They ensure balconies, gardens, patios, courtyards, decked areas, walkways and more are brightly lit, look attractive and feel secure.

Save Money and Live More Sustainably

Whereas non-solar wall lights typically need to be connected to your mains power supply, our outdoor solar wall lights are independent units. Synergy products use only clean, renewable energy. They store this energy during the daytime, ready to light up the darkness for you.

You don’t need to pay an electrician to install our exterior solar wall lights, they’ll never increase your utility bills, and they can be positioned almost anywhere.

Bright Even in Bad Weather

Our solar-powered lighting charges even when the sun’s rays aren’t very strong. When fully charged, our lights work for up to 12 days at full efficiency in cloudy, rainy or snowy conditions.

Whether you want a spotlight, floodlight or something in-between, Synergy can help. Various lighting modes, rotatable LED panels, motion sensors and other superb features make our outdoor solar wall lights amazingly versatile.

Mobile Solar Wall Lights – An Exciting Innovation

What about an external solar wall light with a unique, multi-purpose, mobile design?

Movable, durable and dependable, the superb Synergy M 4 Series SY-15 Solar Light is one of the stars of our solar-powered show. It’s capable of enhancing daily life in numerous ways.

As well as being an exterior wall light, this portable solar light transforms into a table lantern, torch/flashlight, emergency lamp and more. Use it at home and on the move – you won’t want to be without it. Simply detach the illuminated panel from its holder and away you go!

Synergy Solar Lights – Lighting the Way

When you’ve chosen your favourite product(s), order today to benefit from:

  • High-tech, high-performance outdoor solar wall lights produced with great care and expertise
  • Manufacturer’s warranty as standard
  • Free UK delivery when you spend over £100
  • International delivery for customers overseas

Questions about Synergy solar wall lights? Please contact us for expert help and support.