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Solar Landscape Lights

Looking for high-quality solar landscape lights that are wonderfully bright, built for the outdoors and built to last? Then look no further than the advanced, environmentally friendly solar lighting solutions by Synergy. They’re ideal for residential and commercial settings.

Superb, Easy-to-Install Solar Landscape Lighting

Thanks to our solar landscape lights, you can illuminate your property’s exterior areas easily and effectively. Because the lights are powered by the sun, not the grid, they’ll never require a mains supply. They don’t require an electrician either. Install our lights almost anywhere – all they need is sunlight.

Synergy lights are high-performance, low-maintenance products. On a full charge, they run for 7-12 days in poor weather at full efficiency. Plus, they withstand extreme temperatures.

More Secure, More Attractive, More Enjoyable

Driveways, gardens, pathways, shopfronts, sports facilities… All of these outdoor spaces and more can benefit from the powerful, reliable, consistent illumination provided by our solar landscape lighting. It’s perfect for improving commercial signage visibility too.

Major advantages of our solar landscape lights:

  • They make outdoor areas brighter and therefore more secure.
  • They make it easy to maximise the use of your external space.
  • They enhance the best features of that space, such as decorative elements.
  • They highlight signs and advertising in commercial settings.
  • They help you to save money on energy bills and save the planet. Our lights use green, renewable energy, not your electricity supply.

From Solar Fence Lights to Floodlights

We strive to offer our UK and international customers solar landscape lights for every need. Take the Synergy G Series SY-15/25 Pro Solar Light, for example. It looks fantastic mounted on a fencepost, say, and provides a warm glow. By contrast, the Synergy S 23 Solar Light ensures your chosen landscape is floodlit.

Synergy Solar Lights – Lighting the Way

Key reasons to choose us:

  • Synergy solar landscape lights perform brilliantly.
  • Every product comes with a manufacturer’s warranty, plus an optional extended warranty for commercial orders.
  • UK orders over £100 are delivered free.
  • We ship worldwide too.

If you have any questions about using Synergy solar landscape lights for residential or commercial purposes, please contact us for prompt assistance.