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Steinel X Series L-S Silver




No energy costs. No power connection. No compromising. Sensor-switched LED light Steinel X Series L-S Silver. Ideal for gardens, patios and external walls. No power connection needed, 140° coverage angle, 3000 K, LED system with 150lm. Provides bright light 365 days of the year. High-performance IR sensor. Intelligent microprocessor. Temperature-resistant lithium-iron-phosphate rechargeable battery giving light availability for 60 days. Illuminates up to 30 sq.m.
No energy costs. No power connection. No compromising.
Never again become agitated over solar lights that let you down: developing the X Series L-S Silver, Steinel now has the first solar light that always works. In technical terms, it combines the best components – from the highly efficient monocrystalline solar panel, the high-performance infrared sensor and the temperature-resistant rechargeable battery providing lighting availability for 60 days to the intelligent microprocessor control system – reliably illuminating up to 30 sq.m. of your outdoor space with bright LED light. 365 days a year. In any weather. And zero energy costs. This makes it the smartest solution for mounting on garden walls, external walls and wherever there's no power connection available.