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Synergy M 3 Series SY-16 Solar Light




Synergy SY 16

  • Boasting a 1000Lumens
  • The LED panel part can be rotated freely and the max lighting Angle can reach 360°
  • The angle of the solar panel can be adjusted, The tilt angle of the maximum power can be adjusted according to the local geographic location, the max angle is 43°, suitable for all the
    Countries of 43° latitude
  • PIR function and the PIR delay lighting time can be adjusted from 10S to 7 mins
  • 3 lighting modes for choice: M1: summer mode, M2; winter mode M3: Party/dinner mode
  • TCS tech for battery temperature protection from -10~60°
  • TCS tech for battery temperature protection from -20~60°
  • Great sealability for using Ultrasonic Welding+waterproof ring technology, double waterproof
  • No screws in appearance by using Ultrasonic Welding technology
  • ALS2.3 technological innovation, when the battery power drops(battery power>30%) the brightness still can keep 100%; prolong lighting time to 7 days
  • Product colour can be customized
  • Battery power indicator
  • Tempered glass monocrystalline silicon solar panel-_efficiency up to 21%
  • The case material is all quality PC, high corrosion resistance, suitable for more installation places