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Chelsea Solar Engine 160W +



OTE: All Solar Engines and Street lights are made to order with a lead time of 1 to 6 weeks from order placement date to delivery date, this enables us to reduce the risk of products being damaged while in storage and to minimise out of date stock and reduce impact on the environment for producing of unnecessary products.

Chelsea Solar Engine


  • Unique simple design; large solar panel; external battery pack with good heat dissipation.
  • Built In BMS Management System
  • Can power devices from 12V, 24V, 48V & 60V DC.
  • Can also power 240V Devices if coupled with our State of the Art Solar Generator
  • 1. The bifacial solar panel absorbs sunshine on both sides, which increases the solar cell efficiency up to 23%, provides fast and effective charging even during cloudy days.
  • 2. With 200LM/W high lumen efficiency, our products are more energy-efficient and last longer with the same battery. In addition, we use our patent optical lens with potted glue to shorten the distance of light in some models where required.
  • 3. Battery externally mounted, insulating heat from the solar panel when charging, which effectively ensure battery safety. It is of great convenience, you can remove the screws for installation and replacement within 5 minutes.
  • 5. The ASW 3.0 technology can detect the battery capacity to automatically reduce the output power and output current when the battery capacity is low, in this way, the lights can operate for longer time in continuous rainy or cloudy days.
  • 6. PTC battery auto-heater system available, allows the realization for it working at low temperature environments.
  • 7. Anti-bird spike device available, can effectively protect the solar engine from large birds and other animals. 
  • Technological innovation. 
  • Battery can work in Hot areas up to +70°C.
  • Independent modules of all important components are fully waterproof & anti corrosive.
  • Users can adjust the lighting modes and lighting time when used for supporting light applications and according to seasonal changes or sunlight conditions.
  • Supports universal joint bracket, installation angle can be adjusted freely.
  • An efficient solution to provide lighting without the need for connecting utility electricity.
  • Every solar engine is an independent integrated solar lighting power system, it works automatically with no need of electricity/electrical wires for installation.
  • Lighting time 7 - 10 days on a full charge depending on what it's powering up.
  • Can also light up or power devises up to 30 days on one charge and depending on what devices are being powered.

  • 1. Extendable Battery Module (Lithium / LifePO4 Battery)

    The battery has a super high cooling structure

    You can add battery module to meet different requirements of back up time, meanwhile the battery is very easy to install and maintain.

  •  2. Sturdy design

    Two steps aluminum surface treatment - anodizing and powered coating.

    Very strong to stand extreme environment.

    Metal mounting support makes it sturdy.

    The bolts take use of anti-theft design for safety

  • 3. Bifacial solar panel

  •  Absorbs energy from top and bottom sides

  • Motion sensor
  • Replaceable battery
  • Vandal-proof Cover
  • 160W+ Bi-Facial Solar Panel
  • Die-cast housing
  • Dual CCT (3000K/6000K) (or Amber/4000K)
  • Marine grade powder coating
  • 200LM/W
  • Connects up to as many light heads as the system and battery can handle.
  • Can also be used in underground Tunnels and can connect more heads to a maximum of 100 metres
  • PTC Auto-heater
  • Bifacial Solar Panel
  • LCD Battery Display

Available model:

  • 160W+ - 40000LM +
  • With 4 lights +