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Synergy B Series Integrated Solar Street Light



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NOTE: All Street lights are made to order with a lead time of 6 to 8 weeks from order placement date to delivery date, this enables us to reduce the risk of products being damaged while in storage and to minimise out of date stock and reduce impact on the environment for producing of unnecessary products.


  • The Only solar street light in the market with an explosion-proof glass body, Design concept from iPhone
  • FAS: Quickly help users identify which component of the solar panel, battery, LED light board, or PCBA board has a problem
  • Quickly change the lamp panel in 5 seconds by hands, Quickly meet the different needs of LED colour temperatures
  • New material +New technology: explosion-proof tempered glass material, double-layer process treatment of iron sleeve: electrophoresis + powder coating
  • Very professional Type III light distribution: higher spacing height ratio of the luminaire (Max4.5:1)
  • Support universal joint bracket, installation angle can be adjusted freely
 Watts Temperature Height Distance Lumens
20W 4000K 3M 15M 2000 LUMENS
40W 4000K 4M 18M 4000 LUMENS
60W 4000K 6M 27M 6000 LUMENS
80W 4000K 8M 36M 8000 LUMENS
100W 4000K 10M 45M 10000 LUMENS
120W 4000K 12M 54M 12000 LUMENS


  • Our lights have Advanced technology which means that our lights operate at full efficiency between 7 to 12 days, even on cloudy, snowy or rainy days on a full charge.
  • Our Lights improve security, strengthen community ties and enhance the attractiveness of remote locations, towns and cities.
  • They charge through the largest renewable energy source - the sun!
  • They reduce electricity bills - no need to pay for ongoing and rising electricity costs.
  • They have diverse applications and can be easily relocated.
  • They have low or no ongoing maintenance costs.
  • They are cheap and easy to install, and there is no need for an electrician.
  • They improve your energy security and independence.
  • They help your business’s green credentials and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).
  • They reduce your impact on the environment.