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Chelsea Alpha Hybrid Series Solar Light




Chelsea Alpha Hybrid Series Solar light

  • All in one solar light for commercial and industrial applications, great for car parks, streets and lots more of other applications.
  • Unique simple design; large LED panel for wider lighting area; battery pack with good heat dissipation.
  • An easy-to-read display gives you at-a-glance monitoring, showing real-time status updates for battery life, brightness level, CCT colour temperature, sensor modes, and more. The screen will also automatically turn off after 30 seconds of inactivity to conserve battery power.
  • Rain sensing technology automatically activates the rain mode when precipitation is detected. This triggers protective lighting output optimized for rain, sleet, and snow
  • Conveniently power your light using the included AC adapter, via solar panel charging, or through a standard USB outlet. The universal socket design accepts three common types of plugs
  • Switch between warm 3000K and cool 5700K colour temperatures to set just the right mood and light for any occasion
  • With the wall, vertical pole and horizontal pole installation options, positioning and directing the light output is easy,
  • Proprietary TCS technology enables an extended operating temperature range from -10°C to 60°C. Built for reliable illumination in tough environments
  • The main material in aluminium; stainless steel bracket.

  • Battery packs have heat insulation methods and temperature detection for charging and discharging temperature protection. 

  • High-yield optics (with polymer optic lenses and uniform light distribution).

  • The luminaire is supplied in three steps in Midnight mode and can be lit automatically by a ray sensor.

  • No photo-biological risks. The luminaire is in the “Exempt Group” (no risk linked to infrared, blue light and UV radiation) by EN 62471:2008.

  • An active control system (ALS technology, patent for invention No. 201710713248.6) changes the current intensity to maintain the lighting time of the luminaire even under extremely severe weather.

  • All external screws used are stainless steel.

  • LED modules, controllers, and battery packs can be replaced independently

  • An efficient solution to provide lighting without the need for connecting utility electricity.
  • Every solar light is an independent integrated solar lighting system, it works automatically with no need of electricity/electrical wires for installation.
  • Dual CCT (3000K/5700K)
  • Marine grade painting/powder coating