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Boston CCTV Camera SL40



NOTE: All Street lights and CCTV Systems are made to order with a lead time of 1 to 6 weeks from order placement date to delivery date, this enables us to reduce the risk of products being damaged while in storage and to minimise out of date stock and reduce impact on the environment for producing of unnecessary products.

Boston CCTV Camera SL40

An efficient solution to provide CCTV Camera systems with lighting without the need for connecting utility electricity.
Every CCTV camera and solar light is an independent integrated solar system, it works automatically with no need of electricity/electrical wires for installation.

All solar CCTV Cameras work 24hrs per day and solar lights work from Dust till Dawn
  • Elegant Design
  • Each Part Modular Design
  • Adjustable mounting angle led module
  • Easy maintenance
  • Aviation Aluminium.
  • Quick & Easy installation
  • Time Control/ Dimmable light

Solar CCTV Camera and Street Light

 1. Extendable Battery Module (Lithium / LifePO4 Battery)

The battery has a super high cooling structure

You can add battery module to meet different requirements of back up time, meanwhile the battery is very easy to install and maintain.

 2. Sturdy and Anti-theft Design

Two steps aluminum surface treatment - anodizing and powered coating.

It is strong to stand in extremely environment.

Metal mounting support makes it sturdy.

The bolts takes use of anti-theft design for safety

3. Bifacial solar panels

absorbs sun energy from top and bottom sides