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Steinel X Series GL-S Silver


Efficient. Elegant. Versatile. Sensor-switched Steinel X Series GL-S Silver LED light, for pathways, gardens and patios, no power connection needed, includes bases in three lengths, 140° coverage angle, 3000 K, LED system with 150lm, rechargeable lithium-iron-phosphate battery, on-demand lighting for up to 60 days, optional basic light level.
Instantly impresses. With efficiency and design.
Well-illuminated driveways and paths to your front door give you and your guests the reassuring feeling of safety and security. The stand-mounted version of our efficient solar light lets you combine this with aesthetic elegance. Simply choose the stylish stand in the appropriate height – and illuminate up to 20 sq.m. with bright LED light. Zero energy costs whatsoever. With an LED life expectancy of 50,000 hours, changing a bulb is also a thing of the past.