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An efficient solution to provide lighting without the need for connecting utility electricity.
Every solar light is an independent integrated solar lighting system, it works automatically with no need of electricity/electrical wires for installation.

All solar lights work from Dust till Dawn
* 3-5 nights on a full charge
* Light sensor
* Made from thickened Aluminum Alloy + tampered glass

* 0.6W Polycrystalline silicon Laminated Plate solar panel

* Pressure resistant

* Can be installed on walkways/footpaths

* Anti-rust screws

* Can be used for multiple applications

Solar led outdoor lights are ideal for illuminating and decorating walkways away from exterior power outlets.

They provide an enchanting glow and romantic atmosphere along winding garden paths.

Synergy SL-02 : 20 Lumens
Synergy SL-02 : 20 Lumens Sale price$30.00